Media Arts Internship program - LOOP DREAMS

                         2020 Applications are OPEN!




The Loop Lab’s winter 2020 Program will run from Jan. 13th, 2020 through May 22nd, 2020. Applications are accepted via our online form beginning Sept. 2019. It is mandatory to join and complete one of our Audio/Video Technology Workshops, where you will also complete an in-person interview. There will be two workshops in late Dec. 2019 and early Jan. 2020, and dates will be shared when we receive applications.

The idea behind our FREE training program is an ambitious one: Take a small cohort of young people from underserved communities without college degrees, and teach them to be audio/video professionals and digital storytellers, so that they may have access to real high-growth careers in the creative economy.


Our trainees meet Monday through Thursday during the day for nineteen weeks, to learn core audio and video skills. These classes are comprised of hands-on training, traditional classroom time, site visits, individual and group projects, and various other modalities. Core competencies will include Music Production, Pro Tools/Digital Audio Workstation skills, Adobe Premiere/Video Software skills, Audio Recording, Audio Editing, Video Editing, Audio Mixing, Camera Operation and Technology, Audio Technology, Video Technology, and essentials of Audio/Visual Installation and Integration.

Human development

Our trainees also work on the skills that make a “whole” person and professional during our program. They learn holistic skills such as financial literacy, communication techniques, professional branding and interviewing, as well as best practices around accountability and time management.

Professional SKILLS & the gig economy

The Loop Lab’s workforce program focuses on using these core skills in a professional context. The curriculum is heavily project based to simulate real-world work scenarios, as an individual and as a group, often working with partner organizations producing work that will be part of the Trainees’ portfolios. These include scenarios working in a traditional workplace dynamic and as freelancers in the gig economy. Trainees are also taught client interaction and billing practices. We want our trainees to be prepared for audio/video jobs as they are now and will be in the future, not only the way it has been in the past.


Trainees are required to participate in a 200 hour paid internship at the end of the classroom portion of the program. This hands-on work experience in the audio/visual field is critical to their professional development. It also gives them a key piece of experience for their resume and future job prospects.


JOIN US!    

We’re looking for young people, to join us, and learn the fundamentals of the audio/video industry for free.

We are located near the heart of Central Square, Cambridge, Mass, at 872 Massachusetts Ave, Unit 1-5, Cambridge, MA 02139. If you have any questions, or concerns related to the enrollment process, please contact contact@thelooplab.org