Tevin Charles

“My name is Tevin Charles, and I'm from the Port. My life as a kid was rough. I was lucky to have my mom In my life but life was still difficult. A lot of my friends are locked up, or dead. I’ve even held a dying friend in my arms. All the youth really want, is to be loved. I never felt like I belonged anywhere. That was until I discovered art. Art saved my life. I have been getting into gaining technical knowledge into songwriting and producing on my own for years and I joined the Loop Lab to help take my skills to the next level. This has been a life-changing experience. I get true love for who I am here.”


For their midterm project, each trainee was told to create an original audio project with no restrictions on what their content could be.

Tevin Charle’s final film project made in collaboration with Audible about gentrification in The Port Neighborhood in Cambridge, Mass.

“A look into the Cambridge, MA Mayor's Arts Task Force, videos, 2019” : Features on the important work they provide for the community. Video filmed and edited by The Loop Lab trainees.

“What Inspires You?” Film project, 2018: A 2-3 minutes glimpse into the perspectives of The Loop Lab audio/video workforce program trainees and the change they hope to bring to their communities and selves. All interview footage was filmed and recorded by Loop Lab trainees.”