We are dedicated to empowering minority talent in careers in the creative economy through job training.

So many young people from underrepresented backgrounds are being left out of careers in the creative, digital economy due to structural racism and sexism. With headquarters in Cambridge, MA, the Loop Lab is a 501(c)(3)non-profit media production workshop specializing in digital storytelling and workforce development (learn about our program qualifications). We train minorities, and other underrepresented youth from Cambridge, MA in audio/video, and offer media production services to our clients/donors. How can we help you tell your story? Use your existing needs for audio and video production to support our mission to advance equity, and to make a social impact through high-quality media production services. Go to the Partners & Supporters page to see a list of orgs that support our mission. Then to the Take Action menu below and find out how you can support!



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